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 actiWATE v1.0
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actiWATE is a Java-based software platform intended to make the test automation process simple and cost-effective.

actiWATE currently consists of:
  • Advanced framework for writing test scripts in Java (similar to open-source frameworks like HttpUnit, HtmlUnit etc. but with extended API)
  • Test Writing Assistant - Web browser plug-in module which is intended to assist the test writing process
Other modules planned for development:
  • Web-based Test Runner - Web-based application for centralized management/running of tests and viewing of test results in HTML format
actiWATE's primary target is complex and long-term web application systems which require iterative implementation and significant testing efforts.

Whether you are developing a web application on your own, or outsourcing its development to other company, or even if you are providing independent QA services, actiWATE will help you to achieve the highest quality result and reduce your costs.

actiWATE is developed within campaign. It means that all your opinions on this product and your requests are welcome and highly appreciated. Most of the requested features will be included into the next product releases.

actiWATE is a freeware so you can get a free delivery and product information without being charged.